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 Words of Gratitude:


Thank you God, the Divine Energy of Unconditional Love, our Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels and Loved Ones to be with us, for sending you to us and allowing Moon Light Medium to be a dream come true! 

Moon Light Medium’s life is full of love, Divine blessings, Light, Hope, Faith, Honour, Peace, Love, Confidence and Gratitude because we Believe in the Power of Love and we are open to Connect everyday to our True Higher Selves. Our wish is for everyone who step into our sanctuary can feel a deeper connection with themselves as we are all an image and reflection of God. The stronger we love unconditionally as we learn to let go and have faith, the closer we are to paradise on Earth. 

Thank you for this life that we are living and sharing together. You are all miracles send by God to bring us closer to the source of life and share that source while we walk our path towards going back to the spiritual world. Our connection is allowing us to be free mentally, emotionally and spiritually during our period of learning and healing through the physical world. Lest we forget that we are spirits and our energy moves constantly, affecting our mood, relationships, karma and future opportunities. Let’s always be love, light, peace, joy and harmony! Let’s take this beautiful gift of life and be grateful of our existence and the oneness we create through our relationships. We look forward to building new relationships, and deepen the bond we have with those who are already in a relationship with us. 

Thank You for your Trust, Love, Respect, Honour, Energy, Light, Loyalty, Patience, Acceptance, Beauty, Community… most of all, Thank You for being part of our Mission and allowing us to be with God as we Connect with you each and everyday of our lives. You give us Hope, Faith, Courage, Strength, Support and Determination to Pursue our Dreams and Create a World were Love, Peace, Joy, Happiness and Harmony are the most important elements to life, which is what we feel when we are here. 

Finally, a big Thank You to our team, for your on going support, investment, devotion and passion towards our center of love & light. We are blessed to have such an amazing souls within our circle!

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!! 

God bless each and everyone of you,

“We are Moon Light Medium family”




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