The One

These memories, these melodies
Triggered moments of the last time, I said goodbye
Cherished feelings, I’ve loved since hello
This Brand new world, this un-ending hell
The beginning of a new end, my feelings never ended.
I never knew how to live; you taught me how to breathe
I never knew how to die; I spend my eternity with you
My vision of a new beginning, all I needed was the one
You create life in my deteriorated soul
My vision of a better world, please never let go
You are the rock, upon which my love rests
You ensure comfort in my everyday lonesome
Satisfaction from your complex stare
You penetrate my walls, and wash away the hate,
Repetitions of your unending beauty, I’m stuck in my perfect Reality
I barely know you, and we’ve hardly met
Temptation fades, brighter shades
The one I barely know

© 2014 ~ Warren Reisinger

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