Shamanic Treatment and Tarot Reading

Tarot Reading $100.00, and Shamanic Treatment is 2hrs per person $160.00.

We will be offering the workshops described below:

Meet Your Power Animal Guided Group Meditation
Each and every one of us have spiritual guides whether we are aware or not. Why not become familiar with your Power Animal guide? Using a 44card Power Animal Oracle deck you can meet your Power Animal through a guided meditation
Where you will receive particle and powerful guidance from these guardians.

Gong Bath
Ancient Tibetans used the gong for centuries for cleansing and clearings the energy field of a person, place or thing; leaving a sensation of rejuvenated energy. Bath in the the vibrations of the gong as it realigns the neurological fibers of your being, washing away any old energy that no longer serves you.
What an amazing start to the week!

Drum Healing Circle
Feeling stuck, blocked, powerless or just need to move some energy to get you back on track?
Shakers are used to remove negative or stagnant energy and the drum is used to empower you in this ceremonial style clearing.
Soul Retrieval
Most commonly soul loss happens as a result of trauma in one form or another ranging from violent and severe to almost unnoticeable. Your soul parts can leave or become fragmented for many different reasons to help you cope.
Ways to identify a fragmented soul can be and not limited to constantly making “bad” or the “wrong” choices, unexplained fears, obsessive habits, addictions, abusive behavior as either the aggressor or the victim, reoccurring sickness, a feeling of not flowing with life or a constant feeling that “something” is missing. The soul part that would help you deal with such issued is simply gone. It is my goal to retrieve lost or fragmented soul parts and bring them back to help you become whole through an intensive two hour treatment session.
Are you ready to be reunited with your lost soul parts to become a whole you?

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