I Ask You

As I feel miserable again
when love departures, and my heart breaks
I ask you, is it alright to miss you?
Till the night turn day
I wonder when I’m going to see you again                           
Feeling empty feeling stray, I ask you
Is it alright to care?
I never asked for anything better,
A silent relief of completion comes from your stare
No feelings of loss, no feelings of despair
Oh how I want you, I wish you cared,
This is my life, yet still I ask
Is it alright to love you?
If you noticed me, would you care?
My love is a mystery; don’t make it rare
now I want to know…
If I told you you’re beautiful, would you just stare?
If you meant everything to me, would you care?
If I cherished your every word, would u think it’s meant to be?
Acts of Romance, Tear apart myself
To show you how much you mean to me

© 2014 ~ Warren Reisinger

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