Early Morning Thoughts

babyI hear your childhood laughter,
It resounds inside my brain.
The echo very clear now,
Like the sound of falling rain.

The memories of our lives,
Unravel like a thread.
Or, a ribbon soft and supple,
They dance inside my head.

I visit and I sit a spell,
In this land of maybes and what ifs.
My heart beats in the stillness,
I recall one of our tiffs.

My regrets are sometimes many,
To start over would be great.
Or, was it all pre-destined?
Like the way I found my mate.

Regardless of the answer,
I must look at all the wonders.
The person that you are,
That’s really all that matters.

My world is turning quickly,
I’m atop a horse on a carousel.
I’m dizzy and a little nauseous,
But happy, you’ve done so well.

There are moments when I’m spinning,
Your face is there, then gone.
You grow older and you change so fast,
Then a week goes on and on.

But when I visit that soft place,
I find within my heart.
I feel your chubby hand upon my cheek,
I remember your wonderful start.

I wish I could go back there,
I’d hold you oh, so close.
I’d kiss your tears; I’d smell your hair,
I’d cherish every second, and never let you go.

~ Rose-Anne Constantineau
© June 2003 – All Rights Reserved


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